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To ensure the success of your online ordering website it is essential to implement a digital marketing strategy. Simply putting your website online will not in itself generate many orders. After all you don’t expect to maximise sales for your restaurant without advertising or distributing leaflets etc. Being online is no different. But here is the good news. Digital marketing is fast becoming the most effective way of advertising. It is cost effective and measurable.

Now, if the term digital marketing in itself sends shivers up your spine, don’t worry. That is where we come in. We will set up a structured marketing campaign and show you how to maintain this campaign by spending as little as one hour per week. Your budget can start from as little as €10 per week and I guarantee you will start to see impressive results.

We will show you how to build a list of your customers and how to add thousands more potential customers. We will show you how to reach these customers with slick and professions adverts, including video ads using Facebook and Mailchimp. See a sample of our video ads here.


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